Note from the Editors

The Tale's End by Lynn Hardaker
Sleeping, I Was Beauty by Sandi Leibowitz
Happily by Lori Lamothe
Persephone in Grey by Shweta Narayan
From a Distant Shore by Wendy Howe
Pregnant With Rapunzel by Laura King
Woman of Wood by Kathrin Köhler
Winter Advice by Larry Hammer
Penelope Reweaves by Ann K. Schwader
Unmelted by Mari Ness
Hooves by F. J. Bergmann
Huldre by Joshua Gage
A Chorus of Severed Pipes by Kelly Rose Pflug-Back
The Last Crone on the Moon by C. S. E. Cooney
Elixir for Revival of Nocturnal Beasts by Brock Marie Moore
Qasida of the Ferryman by Sofia Samatar