Anniversarial Mirth

It is natural, during an Anniversary, to find that one is celebrating the whole of the past as well as the moment of the present. Looking backwards is an integral part of taking joy in the achievement.

So we decided to gather up the headings that divided up each issue in 2009, beginning with Winter and ending with Fall, and show you the whole they made — and because this is Goblin Fruit, we figured you might enjoy listening to it as well.

He raises his hand
She goes from home
She raises her hand
He scatters the bones

I am the string that plays the wind
I am the wind that plays the wave
I am the hand that shaped your face
I am the face seen never again

to stitch your palm
the thorn of roads
to lash your hip
the knot of salt

here is the stone that bore my weight
here is the stone that weighed me down
where is the bridge that hears the roar?
there is the stair that knows the dark

where is the sound to scare me now?

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