Oliver Hunter is a self taught multi-instrumentalist, although he is better known for work in the visual arts. Since acquiring a digital handycam in 2005, he has experimented with extracting sound from video as a lo-fi recording technique. His intuitive and unorthodox approach to composition incorporates his own vocals, baritone ukulele and other percussive and environmental sound sources. He has released all of his music free over the internet under the name 'Owl+Moth' since 2007. In 2008 he began arranging and performing with friends Daphne Shum (Hadrian Valentine) and Tian Lu Li. Fundamentally different from the recordings, Owl+Moth's live sets are a blend of occult ritual, cabaret performance, folk recital and spoken-word poetry.


Free Downloads coming soon! In the meantime, visit Owl+Moth on Myspace.