who is Oliver?

Somebody who will not talk about himself in the third person for more than one more sentence. Who is he, do you say? Who am I indeed? Without digressing into philosophy, I'll oversimplify and admit that I'm a Canberra-born artist living in Melbourne, Australia. A convict and a criminal, guilty as charged; art is a pleasurable crime.
I commit crimes in media across the disciplines, mashing written words, scrawled lines and plucked strings into contemporary forms of installation, performance and interactive media. Beyond any individual art praxis, I feel most rewarded when working with the medium of those with whom I collaborate, plan, plot, scheme and argue. I like owls, tea black as bootshine, bicycles and charcoal. I was born on the 30th of June, 1986.


To contact Oliver,

post: Oliver Hunter, 87 Highett Street, Richmond, VIC, 3121 AUSTRALIA
or email: musehill(at)gmail.com