Since we started Goblin Fruit in the spring of 2006, it's been our honour, privilege, and profound joy to publish the fantastical work of truly amazing poets. Hitting such a milestone as the Fifth Anniversary is intoxicating; it makes us yearn after the Tenth Anniversary, the Fiftieth Issue, the Thousandth Poem. To do so, however, we need a little assistance.

Here is a general idea of our costs:

$2 buys a week of webspace
$15 buys an original poem
$30 buys a Feature
$150 buys a modest run of chapbooks

If you'd like your donations to earn you small rewards, you can make them through our Patreon page; we also welcome suggestions from our readers as to what sorts of things you'd like to see us do here at Goblin Fruit, and what kinds of incentives might motivate you to cross our open palms with your pearls, your silver, your golden locks and keys. Feel free to e-mail us at goblinfruit dot gmail dot com with SUGGESTION in the subject line!

Presently, we offer our heartfelt thanks to the following supporters, and will add to the list as we receive permission to display the names of all those who've been generous to us in the past.

Adam Israel
Jay Labelle
Jack Hollis Marr
Erica Naone
Rusty Priske
Charles Tan
T. T. Thomas