The Irish Fall

by Josiah J. Eikelboom

We woke to the cawing of crows today
To the warrior's lament
to the Badb's call
We woke to the twilight months ushered in
to the fallow barren fields
to dead days come
We woke to the call of the Otherworld
to the tales of the proud dead
to their songs sung
We woke to the cawing of crows today
and to the swaying of trees
bearing cold fruit

Josiah J. Eikelboom is a New Hampshireite born and raised, now living in the urban wilds of Portland, ME. He attended the University of New Hampshire as an eventual English major, focusing on Medieval Epic and Romance and myriad other things. He is the Arts and Acquisitions Manager of the soon to be defunct Osiail Publishing. This a sad thing, though he's looking forward to being able to write again.

When asked "what's your favorite fruit," he would reply, apples. In all things apples.

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