by Joshua Gage

fills the chamber.
She slips her kimono
from her shoulders, her tail as white
as breath.

Joshua Gage recently received his MFA from Naropa University in the Low-Residency Creative Writing program. His chapbook is available from Deep Cleveland Press. He stomps around Cleveland in a purple bathrobe, attending poetry readings and trying to sell his chapbook.

When asked what poem the word "cherry" immediately made him think of, he replied, "I would like to say, as a folklore and fantasy poet, that cherry conjures up classical Japanese tales, like 'Jiu-Roku-Zakura' or 'Ubazakura,' but it doesn't. Unfortunately, when I hear the word cherry, I immediately am reminded of the leopard print jackets worn by Sax-o-tromba when they opened up for Cherry Poppin' Daddies way back when. And now "Zoot Suit Riot" is stuck in my head. Thanks. Thanks a lot."

You're welcome, Mr. Gage! We do try.

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