Note from the Editors

Amal says: Happy New Year! As far as Jess and I are concerned, this issue proves the addictive quality of goblin fruits. We've gorged ourselves on poems and find ourselves still wanting more; we find it only fitting, therefore, to pass that craving on to you. We have a record-breaking, mouth-watering, throat-hoarsening twenty-two poems for you to suck and savour while the weather's wicked.

We decided that we wanted to be swallowed whole by fairytales this winter: in true florilegical tradition, we offer you volumes full of beasts and beauties, sea and sky, stories to steal your breath and paint it across the air in smoke. Brew some tea, light a fire in the grate and look out the window; then, murmur these poems like a charm against the cold.

We'd like, as ever, to thank all our contributors, as well as Marge Simon for illustrating JoSelle Vanderhooft's "The Explorer's Daughter." We're also deeply beholden to one Kevin Turner this issue, who helped us smooth out persnickety layout wrinkles at zero hour. Thanks, Kevin!

Jess says: You're still reading the editor's note? Go on! The issue awaits!