by Jeanell Buida Bolton

I am a mermaid and no one knows--
I hide my scales 'neath calicos,
I hide my tails 'neath long, loose clothes--
I am a mermaid, and no one knows.
      A ship comes near
      And sees me here--
I am a mermaid and no one knows--
A crash, a wail, a conch shell blows,
Thrice 'round she sails and down she goes--
I am a mermaid and no one knows.

Jeanell Buida Bolton says, "Sorry, my name is longer than the poem! My favorite fruit is the peach. Not the supermarket kind, but the soft, ripe, juicy, messy peaches fresh off the tree. I am a stay-at-home writer of poetry, short stories, and novels. Poetically, I tend to use set rhyme and rhythm patterns because of the challenges involved and the mnemonic aspects. Besides, it's more fun that way."

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