Note from the Editors

This issue is full of paths. There are twists and turns in it, dangerous alleys and riversides, all manner of strange and curious beasts. There is magic, as there always should be, and mermaids -- goodness, so many mermaids! -- and motion. There is also, for the first time in our brief history, a dedication: we dedicate this issue to Terri Windling, Midori Snyder, and the Journal of Mythic Arts.

The urge to leave it there is as strong as it's unsatisfying. When faced with the enormity of trying to express just what the Journal of Mythic Arts has meant to us, what Terri and Midori have meant to us through their careers, their books, their dedication to beauty and wonder, the temptation to just throw up our hands and leave them a salute is great. It would take essays, after all, to begin to scrape the surface of the influence these women and their work have had on their field; it would take naming the awards they've won, itemizing their achievements, singling out every moment of our own lives made more beautiful by them and theirs. So let us say this: you opened the gate to the path we're on. You unhooked the latch and pointed the way. You mapped out marvels for us to find, left us riddles to solve and space to leave our own. You're the lanterns we see by and the bright we aspire to, and we can't thank you enough.

Thanks too, as ever, to all our contributors for their beautiful work, and to Dmitri Zagidulin for his invaluable assistance with the layout. You're all the flesh and bones of what we do.

Now go drink the summer down before it's gone.

With best wishes,

Amal, Ollie, and Jess