by Rosalind L. Casey

Medusa strolls to AP Biology
Confident she'll ace it
(She's good at ophiology)
Ignores the whispers -- doesn't care
They're mostly freshman boys --
They mock her but duck out of sight
Rather than meet her eye
Till Perseus, brave on a dare
Holds up his oh-so-polished shield
A mirror for Medusa
Aghast, she stops and stares
And, confidence destroyed,
Stands quite petrified.

Rosalind Casey lives in Texas. She has an addiction to the written word which occasionally gets in the way of trifling matters like food, sleep and homework. Her work has been featured in several local literary magazines and newspapers, and she contributes regularly to The Houston Chronicle.

When asked about her favourite fruit, she replied, "I have many favourite fruits, including mangos, strawberries, and papaya eaten over the sink with lime juice, but having recently been introduced to the joys of passion fruit, that's what I'll have to say."

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