Note from the Editors

Let us tell you a story.

It begins in three different places, all of them very far away --

but none of them cold, and all of them growing with pages brimming with words.

(There may have been cold in one of the places just as there was likely music and painting as well as writing in the others, but none of this is especially relevant to our story tonight.)

The summer issue of Goblin Fruit goes live today, the 11th of July, and all three members (or murderers or marauders) of your friendly (and quite possibly neighbourhood) Goblin Fruit staff are in England to launch it on its way.

All of us are especially excited to be launching this collection while within speaking distance of one another -- coming as we do from three far-flung continents. So here we are, we three, sitting on a poorly-lit street curb outside a park in Kensington and ushering in this season's goblins from an English Summer.

(Amal just poked Jess, for the sake of being able to do it. Jess retaliated with a punch on the leg and the words "car bar." Clearly, she is drunk on British air.)

We've read back on what we've written thus far, all the while keeping an eye out for the grey fox which has already thrice crossed the street, ducking moths and fireflies. There's been much merriment in response to Jess' cry of "What! We are not keeping 'Amal just poked Jess!'" -- but the main point is, we are here, together, not only to have fun in England, but also to wallow in poetry.

We picked most of these poems before knowing we'd be in Devon together, but to our delight, it happens that our summer issue is as full of woodland and seashore as we hope our adventures to be. As it's a season of firsts, we've also decided to premiere the first of a series of features on poets whose work exemplifies what it is to be a poet of the fantastic. Expect to find them scattered like pomegranate seeds throughout upcoming issues.

Thanks, as ever, to all our contributors, and all of our readers! We'll be uncorking a bottle of well-travelled Shiraz as soon as we make this go live, and hope you'll join us in a toast.


Jess, Amal, and Ollie.