Cogito Ogre Sum

by Karen Jessica New

Rock. A rock,
Made of, rock made of--

Stone rock.

        (Urgh! Hungry.
         Need food soon. Stomp now.)

This stone rock in my hand is not this rock,
Which is also stone, also a stone rock,
Also in my hand.
Another stone rock.

        (Motion down at the bridge.
         Steady. Humans.)

These stone rocks in my hand are like other rocks,
Which are also stone.
The mountain is made of stone.
So is the humans' castle.
So is their bridge.

         Two in front, then the horses,
         Then one more behind the train.)

All rocks are stone,
But not all stone things are rocks.
Everything in my hand is a rock,
But not all rocks are in my hand.

         Let the horses pass.

One rock now.


All humans are meat,
But not all meat is human.
I must think more.

Karen Jessica New says: "I'm a parent, alternative transportation activist, and terrible gardener in Vancouver BC. Lately I've been learning how to climb rocks, and how to perform music in crowds. Although my logic puzzles appear fairly regularly in _GAMES_ magazine, "Cogito Ogre Sum" is the first poem I've written in far too many years, and I'd like to thank Marcie Lynn Tentchoff for pushing me to remember how. My favourite fruit is whatever's ripest from the tree: I wrote this poem on a feast of pomegranate, but today I would love another black plum." Karen also keeps a LiveJournal here.

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