Tales for Children

by Joshua Gage

late snow
on her glass coffin
apple blossoms

                      the oven’s warmth
                      a chicken bone snuck
                      between cage bars

the nettle's sting
overhead, a perfect V
of seven geese

                      the canopy's rustle
                      thorns through the spokes
                      of her spinning wheel

a heart of tin
in the morning coals
broken music box

                      foam on the waves
                      with every step, knifes
                      pierce her feet

wilted roses
musty steam
off his fur

Joshua Gage recently received his MFA from Naropa University in the Low-Residency Creative Writing program. His chapbook is available from Deep Cleveland Press. He stomps around Cleveland in a purple bathrobe, attending poetry readings and trying to sell his chapbook. While he appreciates the kumquat for its name and the prickly pear sweetness, his favorite fruit would have to be any variety of capsicum, especially habeneros.

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