by Marcie Lynn Tentchoff

How can I dim the flames which burn within
When'ere I contemplate your perfect form?
How can I cease to see your frost-scaled skin
As cooling balm to comfort flesh too warm?
How can I hope to now avoid my ruin,
Forget the night I watched (a foul voyeur)
A lovely creature dancing neath the moon,
All silver wing tips, blinding pale and pure?
Cold treasure now alone can numb the burn.
Let diamond ices cool my hot desires...
But rake them forth to give fresh gems their turn,
Lest they, turned burning rubies, fan the fire,
And speed my death, bereft of you, my goal...
A'writhing on a glimmering bed of coals.

Dragonrider © 2006 Michael Warbler Finucane

Marcie Lynn Tentchoff is an Aurora Award winning poet/writer from the west coast of Canada, where she lives in the middle of a rainforest with her family and various animals, both invited and not. Between the raccoons in the roof, the deer in the garden, the chocolate-stealing skunks, and the occasional visiting cougar, she's written poems and stories that have appeared in such magazines as On Spec, Weird Tales, Dreams and Nightmares, and Illumen, as well as in anthologies and online publications.

She shares her great love of cherries with local tree-raiding bears.

Michael “Warble” Finucane is an artist in the Art Nouveau tradition, but with various modern influences that span over the last century. The most powerful of these influences are the MacDonald Sisters of what was called the “Spook School” in Glasgow, Scotland. Also, the work of Alan Lee, Frank Frazetta, Jan Toorop, and the Pre-Raphaelites have been important in forging a style that is based on various medieval themes. Warble has been working with these styles to create a unique hybrid of line, color and watercolor technique that brings his own idiom of art, alongside these masters of past generations. By learning and examining art of the past, Warble presents a classic, yet endearing modern style in the fantasy art spectrum.

His favourite fruit is the strawberry.

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