The Night

by Joshua Gage

The night
slips off her dress
of stars and steps across
our deck. Wave by wave, the sea grows

Joshua Gage is the author of Deep Cleveland Lenten Blues, a forty-part poem published on Deep Cleveland Press. His books breaths and Nothing but Surrender are forthcoming from VanZeno Press and Rager Media, Inc, respectively. He is a recent graduate of the Low-Residency program in Creative Writing at Naropa University. He has never been nominated for a Rhysling, but he knows that appreciative readers wont make that same mistake this year.

There is a spot on I-90 that runs between Lake Erie and the power plant. If a traveller makes the journey West at the right hour, the power plant will be dumping its water into the lake, creating a heavy steam that all but envelops the highway, and makes it near impossible to see, let alone drive. Pulling out of this fog, one is caught between the natural elements of the lake and the industrial majesty of the power plant, staring at an overcast Cleveland on the verge of sunrise. A mask chosing Joshua Gage would be of these elements--the grey waves of the lake, the steel, brick and mortar of industry, the lingering night in an overcast haze, the parting clouds of steam and the sun stretching into dawn.

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