Note from the Editors

Amal says: It's our second anniversary! Goblin Fruit has entered the Terrible Twos and fully intends to stomp its way wrathfully into another year. In the grand tradition of launching from new and exciting locales, this Spring issue is brought to you from the Levant with cedar twigs and a handful of Damascene dust. These poems are wet, deep and sea-salted, sure to leave you breathless as a mermaid's kiss and just as doomed and desperate. Read them with caution, and make sure you know how to swim, first -- or don't, and see what dreams may come.

Jess says: The past year has been a fruitful one. I wrote that with no pun intended, but hey, let's go for it. Amal, Oliver and myself launched an issue from England, upon which we descended from three very different corners of the world. The last winter issue was so packed we decided to "divide" it into two books, the Book of Maidens and the Book of Monsters. Goblin Fruit poems have had the distinction of eight Rhysling Nominations. Then we put together this issue.

It was not without difficulty. There have been computer problems, problems which were intent on wreaking havoc with the editorial process right up to the very last minute. There have been scheduling issues, because it isn't always easy to coordinate with someone who is, quite literally, half a day ahead of you. But we did it, and here it is.

We offer you a feature on Catherynne Valente, a poet whose work we greatly admire, and better yet, enjoy. We also urge you to write us at (goblin . fruit @ gmail . com) with ideas for another themed contest -- last time our challenge was to write a form poem about Queen Elizabeth and Faerie, and we were blown out of the water by the majesty (again, no pun intended) of the submissions. We'd like to be blown away once more.

Amal, usurping Ollie's space: Some further news! We have a shiny new LiveJournal Community ripe for the joining, for those of you who'd like to gab with each other about the issue or shake your virtual fists at us or pelt us with pungent produce for the perplexing proliferation of Jess' puns. Or anything else. We also have an exciting, multi-voiced project coming up, so watch this issue for an update in the next few days.

As ever, a resounding thanks to all our contributors. We'd also like especially to thank Dmitri Zagidulin for his kind assistance with this issue's laying out.

Now, shoo! Go! Let human voices wake you. Drown.

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