They Threw Their Daughters into the Sea

by Karen A. Romanko

When their daughters came of age
and couldn't find mates
they threw them into the sea

The childless sea embraced the castoffs,
carrying them on currents into his heart
until the foundlings forgot how to breathe

Now on moonless nights
while their intended ones sleep,
the sea's daughters board men's ships,

filling the vessels with silt,
pulling their husbands down, down
to meet their new father

who gives no one away,
but cherishes them all
and their eternal unions

Karen A. Romanko has seen over 100 of her poems and short stories published in venues such as Strange Horizons, Ideomancer, Lone Star Stories, The Pedestal Magazine, Dreams and Nightmares, and Full Unit Hookup. She also edits and publishes the speculative fiction and poetry e-zine Raven Electrick. Her favorite fruit is the green grape, which she buys exclusively at the Goblin Grocery.

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