Note from the Editors

Amal says:

It's Spring again, and it's Goblin Fruit's birthday! We're delighted to be launching our very first Anniversary issue -- so delighted, in fact, that we're delirious! We've gone mad, mad, mad with the joy and frenzy of it, and we want all the world to know.

We wanted this issue to have a tang of salt air and loam to it, a feel of both drowning and digging; expect to find anything from dismembered elves to devoured dryads. There are maenads and mermaids and fairy princes; there are weddings, gods, frogs and ships (in no particular order), all dancing together in a way that I think would do Lewis Caroll proud.

We've also got further cause to be a little punch-drunk at this issue going live; Jess, Oliver and I are now more or less equidistantly spread out across the globe, since I moved to the United Arab Emirates in February. In spite of our weekends, time zones, seasons and landscapes all being drastically different, this issue still tastes, to us, like nothing so much as Spring.

Jess says:

Spring is here. Here is Spring.

Please read these poems aloud to somebody, even if that somebody is just your shadow. J.M. Barrie has taught us that even shadows have distinct personalities, and you can't have a personality without the word "person", and what person doesn't need more poetry in their life? We have weathered the winter and come out of it ripe with poems. If you were to corner one of our goblins and run a nail down his belly, his skin would bruise and he would ooze juice. It's been that kind of winter.

If you enjoy Goblin Fruit and aren't familiar with the Rhysling Awards, you should become so; we're very pleased that four of the poems we published in 2006 were nominated. Throw applause towards the following nominees:

Mike Allen, for "Sisyphus Walks" and "Bacchanal" in the long and short categories respectively.

Emily Gaskin, for "Women of the Resurrection" in the short category.

Samantha Henderson, for "First Festival", in the short category.

Congratulations, and the best of the goblins' luck to them!

In conclusion: Read poetry. Read other poetry. Read it aloud.

Ollie says:

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