Listed below are links to recent writing. To see earlier things, visit the Endicott Studio. The work varies from poetry to prose to something else, imaginative journalism maybe, but as far as I can tell it's still the English language. It comes in fits and bursts, depending on the phase of the moon, the time of the year, the amount of tea I have in my system and countless other variables. But I'll have you know that I do take my writing very, very seriously. I believe in the rights of texts, that they should have the freedom to parasitically take hold in the human brain and begin to grow there, spreading their spurious rumours of wonder and, god forbid, meaning. Formally, I have studied contemporary poetry, fiction and linguistics, and have come to the decision that to write is to see, analogous to painting, dancing, singing or even speaking. It is therefore necessary and important. But don't take that to mean I'm terribly serious: all good writing deserves to be elevated to nonsense.

Talking to Text
Falling Green (Entry)
Three Big Boys Series:
1) You take: a knife
2) On reaching the Pacific
3) Hard Fruit
Male God
After Bombings, Then Return
The Feminine Lute Player
White Rabbit Pie
Story of Stories
Clouds of Gold
For No Other Reason Other Than That She Likes
Madame Isis and the Hazelnut Girl
First Manifesto for Small Movements