In the Clearing

by Clare Walker

I'll say my goodbyes in the clearing
All your friends will gather there
You won't know me any more, love
But I'll bring wine for us to share.

They will stumble up to meet you
Before the music even starts,
Belly-dancing, making doe-eyes
Tipsily they'll take your heart.

One wears a slimy feather boa
Trailing river-mist through the night,
One cradles a fat cup of rubies
One jewel for each year of your life.

I'm going to climb the gaping yew tree
Amongst the tumbled, faded stones,
And when I find the sticky hollow
That's where I will leave your bones.

Clare Walker lives in Yorkshire where she is training to be a librarian. She enjoys blackberries picked just before Michaelmas, and her poetry can be found in Les Bonnes Fees, Astropoetica and Goblin Fruit.

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