Beneath the Crook

by Marlo Dianne

Beneath the crook, the bones will wait
Silver shook and minnowed bait
Bits and bites, earthen churned
Twisted rights, nibbles earned

A strand of lash
A split of skin
A soup of tears to mat it in

Leafy veins
And ferning eyes
All gather close to green the guise

Beneath the crook, the bones will creak
Rain sobbed and marrow leaked

No hand or flame
No salt or sign
They clatter close, baubles benign

Beneath the crook, the bones will kill
And rattle down to slurp their fill

Marlo Dianne lives on the ocean. A writer and artist, with more than fifty published works, recent oddities have appeared in Necrography; Tales of Moreauvia; Strange, Weird and Wonderful; and Big Pulp. This wondergeek can be found at Forbidden Dragon.

When asked to supply a poem for "cherry," the aforementioned paused, paused again, and mused:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Cherries spit,
And so do you.

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