Note from the Editors
A Discussion (with some Shady Characters)

Alabama Ghost Pool by J. T. Glover
     Old House by Alex Dally MacFarlane
Vicious Trees by Mary Turzillo
     Bear Clad by Jennifer Crow
     Golem Branle by Katharine Mills
     The Wolf Hungry For Connection by Corey Mesler
     Longing by Jaime Lee Moyer
     Witch's Broom by Robert Borski
Giving Back to the Muse by Mike Allen
The Lesson by M. Robert Bond
     Her Last Murder by Jennifer Crow
     my man come back by Daniel R. Robichaud
     Monkey's Eye by Marlo Dianne
     Transplendent We by Peg Aloi
Witch Boy by Marcie Lynn Tentchoff
     Pale Dancers by J. Mark Hauer