Goblin Fruit: Autumn Edition

Your Goblin Fruit Staff

The Editors

Amal El-Mohtar is a Canadian-born child of the Mediterranean, and would have you believe that her longing for fruit in all seasons is in no way the result of her having compromised her virtue with goblin men. She can sometimes be spotted masterfully restraining herself from throttling first-year students in the University of Ottawa's Writing Centre, shoring fragments of academia against her ruin, and speaking in quotes from The Waste Land. She drinks tea, plays harp, and reads books. She reads lots of books. In fact, it has been suggested by some that her editorial favour might be bribed by gifts of bookshelves. Such rumours are unsubstantiated, and are, of course, likely to be dirty, dirty lies still, dark shelves are best, preferably with an oak or walnut finish.

Amal's favourite colour is blue.
Jessica P. Wick is an irritable lump, often found lurking in the dingy aisles of a chain bookstore (which, much like a chain-gang, can be a painful experience. "Do you sell books here?"), where she earns her bread. When she's not at the bookstore, she's serving time at a local college; when she's not there, she's invariably found squinting at a book. She lives just outside Los Angeles, where, if she climbs high enough, she can enjoy the sunset bouncing off the dome of smog, and has been known to mistake falling snow for seeds. Anybody could have made the mistake. Anybody!

Just slightly relevant: She's enamoured of E.E. Cummings, Pablo Neruda, H.D., Gerard Manley Hopkins, John Donne, Rosanna Warren, Lucille Clifton, Nicholas Christopher and Lisel Mueller. Especially Lisel Mueller. She has given at least five people a copy of Lisel Mueller's Alive Together, and would probably give it to you, too, if she knew you.

The Designers

Oliver Hunter is shamefully brilliant, and since he isn't writing his own bio, we intend to brilliantly shame him. He studies art in Melbourne, where he can also be found excavating gorgeous music, silver coins, and feathers. He is most certainly fey, definitely skilled, without a doubt living in Australia and indubitably related to owls. He also has a website, which is down for the count just now, but will rise again.
Mei Cohoe is the Keeper of the Mystic Runez of Sitebuilding, editor of the cyber codes. She is responsible for taking Oliver's beautimious art and making it into a webpage. The best thing about this is that out of all the staff, she can refuse to write a bio! Mei is also a brat. So spoketh Jess.