Goblin Fruit: Autumn Edition
necromancer's obsession
Eric Marin

A White Shade of Pale by Desiree Isphordingcatherine
my sweetheart
my smiling bride
until her heart
as she spoke her
vows to me

green eyes stared
at me from a puddle
of cream lace
ivory satin
beaded pearls
as her face purpled

i roared for
a doctor
an emt
a damned cpr-certified somebody

the guests
the wedding party
the hired help
just gawked

a village of idiots

my anger sent
sparks of orange light
shooting from my fingertips
but to no purpose

i was no healer
no not i
nor were such persons
in attendance at the wedding of
a pair of necromancers

after she died,
i placed her in stasis
jewel woman in amber
at the base of my tower

now i research a spell
a spell the creator
itself erased from
the universe's
quantum memory

in order to bring my catherine
back to life
i will transcend my undead arts
a necromancer no more
a god i will be

and catherine will complete her vows
and become my wife


When he's not practicing law or spending time with his family, Eric Marin writes poetry and fiction. He also publishes the speculative fiction and poetry webzine Lone Star Stories. He says that cherries make him think of "Japanese haiku (by Basho, for instance).

Desiree Isphording is a twenty-three year old artist specializing in mythic portraiture and illustration who resides in eastern Pennsylvania. Much of her work is inspired by world mythology, art, culture, folklore, Faerylore, and symbolism as well as by the local flora and fauna that surround her. High-quality prints and postcards of many of her pieces are available at: http://sphinxmuse.deviantart.com/store. In addition to her two-dimensional art, Desiree also creates a line of one-of-a-kind, handcrafted jewelry: http://phee_adornments.livejournal.com.

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