Pin Doll

by Patricia A. Boutilier

I am a small, simple pin-doll,
sojourner on the path of needles,
and the path of pins.
I am Ridinghood.
The wolf said I must choose from the two,
motherhood and pins,
the needle path of freedom.
But I have not chosen and
traveled with two maps, practicing invisibility,
mastering bilocation, stitching a prayer into each lace.

I am the magick grandma of the forest,
wise woman, crone, keeper of herbs
and incantations. I live in a hut with two doors,
where gypsy daughters may entertain lovers.
Embracing all between the swaddling and the shroud,
I wash the newborn, and wash the dead.
Pins will pick up pieces of all they contact.
I am a full, ripe, scarlet poppet,
a small, simple pin-doll.

Patricia A. Boutilier says: I am 55-year old wife, mother, granny of 3 living in beautiful, overpriced, Naples, Florida. By day I am a nurse, massage therapist, and Reiki Master. By night, I write for the pure pleasure of language and to express the sacredness of the ordinary.

My favorite fruit is the pomegranate: magical, mystical, and delicious.