Goblin Fruit: Autumn Edition


We are pleased to announce Goblin Fruit's first ever poetry contest. The prize is money. Now that we have your attention, here are some details: We want a form poem, of any length, about and/or utilizing Queen Elizabeth and Faerie. We want the poem, or poems, in by December 31st. Please put "Faerie Queene Contest" in the tagline of your email when you submit to us. The prize (ah, you wondered when we were going to come back to that, didn't you?) is $25 and publication in our anniversary/Spring issue.

If this contest goes well and otherwise warms the cockles of our hearts, we might make a contest a regular thing, which means more appreciation for the poets out there and also more good stuff for the poetry readers out there -- so make this go well, and submit today!1

1 Or in a few weeks, once you've written something good. No reason to be hasty.