Norns' Feast (Charcuterie and Pairings)

by Andrew Crabtree


On a board of tempered ash
Set hawk pâté — storm-pale — with
House-smoked breast of rooster,
Thinly sliced; ox tongue, blackened
On a bed of holly sprigs; linden-
Roasted whole-heart sausage, 
Provenance unknown; the offals
Of a winter wolf, steaming
Red and gelid white. Serve
With rustic giant loaf (from bones 
Of same, coarse-ground). Slather on
Fresh marrow-butter, root-worm roe,
The jelly of one eye.
Now relish. Memory can't save
What Forethought has devoured.


mead —
dark, lively body,
notes of honey, blood, 
and eagle spit; bold finish
water from the well of Urd —
sweet as rain; no aftertaste.

Andrew Crabtree lives in Winnipeg, Canada, in a small apartment where it’s always summer. When not teaching living languages or studying dead ones, he is usually found with his nose in a book. His poetry has appeared recently in The Kyoto Journal and in the collection Rumba Under Fire: The Arts of Survival From West Point to Delhi. In keeping with his name, Crabtree’s favourite fruit is the apple — the tarter, the better.

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