Note from the Editors

We hover on the cusp of autumn like swallows. For the last week a cool grey wind has been scouring summer from the streets of Glasgow, littering yellow leaves over the last of the primroses, piling them up against steps and sweeping them through closes, prophesying change.

But it is still summer here, and still hot. We have bottled the last heat of the season for you, a final gasp of bright dry air to see you through the Equinox. Here are birds and goddesses, singers and gift-changers, laughing thieves and lonely roads to strip the moisture from your throat and leave you panting for mists and mellow fruitfulness.

Shade your eyes, lick your lips, and read on.

All thanks to our ever-amazing contributors; Betsie Withey for this issue's stunning art; Stu West for PHP particulars; and to you, dear readers, without whom we would not know the prickle from the pear.