Zac Efron Eaten By a Shark

by Jade Ramsey

Aroused, I search for pulse, thud,
a tenor, cusped, between ceiling and floor.
A red ribbon bids me: blood
or stud linked to underwater smell: gore
of the musical cadence echo
of a man-boy—beautiful, art deco
humanity acting in my world
of shiny silver water-film unfurled.
He feels my mouth; my teeth pierce
through to his own bone, fierce;
he scissors my sides, saline thigh,
and I take him under gingerly;
our rhythm of rust, and wet, a sigh
of final rest — of love eternally.

Jade Ramsey received an MFA from Bowling Green State University and teaches English at Heidelberg University. On the weekends she serves pizza at a local pizzeria. She's fascinated with tulips, young adult fiction, and has a small crush on Zac Efron. Her work has appeared in Concisely, REAL, Jellyfish, Stone Highway Review, Up the Staircase, and others, and is forthcoming in Gargoyle, I-70 Review, Old Red Kimono and others. After a traumatic and devastating experience trying to dip strawberries in chocolate, she abandoned the red fruit for sharp cheddar and green grapes, more succulent and savory and sophisticated... and it took months to get the overcooked chocolate cleaned out of that bowl!

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