Eurydice Variations (4)

by Kathryn Hinds


Here's the lament you think you want to hear
About my broken longing when so near
First to the quenching of my first desire
Then to regaining living daylight's fire:
Love lost! Now heart-bereft I cry and wail.
His one untrusting look that cast the veil
Again between me and my yearning life —
When he lost nothing but an untried wife
while I lost feeling, movement, sight, and breath
And dwindled to a wavering shadow death —
His look that undid all my hope of love
Killed me again. And all the gods above
May cry with me or laugh, or with me hate
That one untrusting glance, that doubled fate.

Originally from the southern shore of Lake Ontario, Kathryn Hinds now lives in the mountains of north Georgia. Her poetry has recently appeared in Canary, 14 by 14, and The Lyric. With a handful of novels in progress, she's also the coauthor of a book on Celtic mythology and the author of more than fifty nonfiction books for young people, including the six-book series Creatures of Fantasy, due out in 2012. Kathryn sometimes moonlights as a belly dancer, but her main job, according to certain members of her household, is to ensure that cat food is available on demand.

When asked of what poem the word "cherry" immediately makes her think, Hinds tells us Housman's "Loveliest of trees, the cherry now"

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