The Poet to the Wasp Queen Among the Plums

by E. Lily Yu

Our Lady of the Cinched Waist,
Bearer of the spear,
Queen of jam and windowsills,
Please you hear —

You work no sweet for others
You fold a tissue house
Your flight's an incantation
Summer is your spouse —

Titania, I know you
Exultant in the air,
Cathedrals pleated in your wings
Your signs and works I fear —

Grace me with equal beauty,
More than equal gall,
Rich paper kingdoms to defend
And the sharp wherewithal.

E. Lily Yu is a student at Princeton University. Her poems and flash fictions can be found in Goblin Fruit, Quick Fiction, and Jabberwocky 5, and will appear in The Kenyon Review Online and Electric Velocipede. She thinks of Housman when she thinks of cherries.

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