Goblined Fruit

by S. L. Vitale

An orange with real blood inside,
A lemon that is sweet,
A bunch of grapes so sour,
They taste like spoilt meat.
A banana with no yellow peel,
A rank and hairy cumquat,
A kiwi filled with slimy snails,
A plum that's gone to rot,
A honeydew with doggy-doo,
A pineapple with cones,
An apple with no core inside,
But a skeleton of bones.
A peach with fuzzy moss on top,
And cherries with real stones,
A cantaloupe that tastes like soap,
And pickled berry scones.
A granny smith with wrinkles,
And arthritis, too,
Plus a berry made of straw,
Just to name a few...

Such a grotesque bowl of fruit
Do not eat them please
For they are fresh no longer —
Goblins have touched these!

S.L. Vitale, after finishing her undergraduate studies at Rutgers University, hopes to pursue a career involving writing and horses. Unfortunately, neither interest promises reliable income, so she also plans to be eating a lot less. In the mean time, she intends to travel, work at various horse farms, and stockpile non-perishable food items. If canned peaches tasted anything like real peaches, she'd probably buy a lot of those, because they are her favorite fruit.

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