by Maureen McQuerry

You had a way of finding the soft spot,
the fontanel of every argument
where the bones of thought, not yet closed,
gave easy entry to the skull.
From there the path to heart and lungs, direct,
you could excise them all with words

and reconfigure more
than any straw man, a fleshly emissary
of persuasion, with agile limbs
to make the climb from tomb to sun.
Listen: there comes a pounding at the door.

Maureen McQuerry is a teaching artist with the WA State Arts Commission and teaches writing at Columbia Basin College. Her most recent novel is the middle grade fantasy, The Travelers' Market (Idylls 2008 ). It's the second book in The Wolfproof Trilogy. She has poems in recent editions of: The Southern Review, Goblin Fruit, and in one of the last issues of The Journal of Mythic Artsx. She lives in Richland, WA with a husband, dog, and a visiting grandparrot.

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