Nicole Kornher-Stace: Haunter of Crossroads

Nicole Kornher-Stace is an exception to our usual process of selecting authors for features; usually, we are either aware of a large and beloved body of the author's work, or have published a great deal of it ourselves. With Nicole, however, we were so smitten and so fascinated by the whole the pieces she submitted to us made, that we immediately decided her poems deserved a deeper focus. As a result, her work is the subject of Goblin Fruit's first printed matter, which gathers the poems below in a chapbook with Oliver Hunter's illustrations, and the bonus addition of an exclusive collaboration with C.S.E. Cooney. Should you wish to purchase it, do please engage the gaze of our barrow-wielding friend below.

These poems offer a glimpse of lives lived in the wake of well-known tales, after the magic and the oaths, lives no less rich or strange for want of a marriage at the narrative's end. These are moments that come from the mixing of worlds, where home is made uncanny, and stories don't end at the altar unless there's sacrifice involved. In language that is loam-rich and needle-sharp, Nicole shows us the price of loving demons, fairies, and witches -- and more importantly, who ends up paying it.

This is Not a Love Story
Janet Stands Her Ground Before the Queen
The Changeling Always Wins
The Demon Lover's Child Grows Up

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