Kelpie Ride

by M. Deegear

Every little girl wants a pony
A beautiful best friend with a curly mane and a star on her forehead.
A friend to confide all her deepest secrets in.
A friend forever and ever, who will never leave her.
A pony of her very own.

Come here, precious, I'm the pony for you.
Twine your fingers in my mane, little girl.
Aren't green weeds
Softer than any curls,
And pond water a better perfume
Than any flower?

Climb upon my back and we can gallop
Far from here, just the two of us,
To a quiet pool under the moon.
Wouldn't a nighttime dip be

Don't struggle, little girl.
Aren't I your very own pony, your closest friend?
Don't you trust me?
And when you join me beneath the surface
And the weeds twine your cold, pale bones
- you have such lovely bones, my dear -
then we can be together forever.
Always, girl and her pony.

M. Deegear is a student in Texas. She loves poetry and faeries, especially the treacherous kinds. Her favorite fruit is green apples, the sourer the better.

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