Cody Coyote

by C.S.E. Cooney

Cody Coyote -- well, he looks like a boy
But I know that his tail's hid somewhere
That skin is a sham, yeah, a shameless decoy
And that grin is just plumb unfair

Cody Coyote -- well, he speaks soft and low
Then he goes and he yips at the moon
He strolls and he struts like the world's his show
And the curtain'll be falling soon

Cody Coyote's gone and got me good
In the gut, in the thigh, in the mind
And he looks at my scrawl like an artist would
And I know he's just bein' kind

Cody Coyote, won'tcha sharpen your sword
Do battle like most men'll flirt?
You brandish your blade, I'll bandy my words
We'll see who comes out unhurt

Cody Coyote, won'tcha come out and play?
'Cause I got such a game for you:
We tango, we tangle, we do what they say
And we find out how much is true

Cody Coyote -- well, he bounds outta sight
And I'm left with a blight and a sigh
Would've traded my mornings for one of his nights
But he was just passin' by
Yeah, he was just passin' by

C.S.E. Cooney lives in a garret with no pets but the occasional stray bolt of a lightning. Her story "Three Fancies from the Infernal Garden" can be found in the Winter Issue of Subterranean Online. At present, she is reading Ellen Datlow's INFERNO, a new anthology of horror.

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