It's Here!

Fair readers, we cry that you have waited long enough! No longer is "Mischief" merely a word (and motto!) at Goblin Fruit! Behold! Below you will find an assortment of delights so delicious, an assemblage of toothsomeness so flavorful, a veritable witch's brew of motley odds and madcap ends --

We present you with A Miscellany of Mischief. Marvel at Jeremy Cooney's musical skill, turned toward this issue's poem, Goblin Girls! Raise your eyebrows at the Extraordinary True Adventures Of Poetry Editors in the following scotchtape comic! Smack your lips and mop the drool from your chins as you feast upon two -- yes, you heard that correctly, two! -- Goblin Fruit trailers, created by that most fantabulous of magicians, Magill Foote!

Jeremy Cooney is of light, truth and music. A modern day Apollo, which is poetic when you couple his "from the soul" style with the reoccurring desert-imagery that has become a motif in his music. He writes from the heart and for the heart. Additional songs can be found at

He says: "My favorite fruit is cantaloupe. You can always tell just how sweet it is by sight, smell and squeeze."

We say: Go to his myspace. No, really. Do it. He's got other fantastical songs to sample, and better yet, different versions of 'Goblin Girls.' You see, the one we have linked to here is one of the earliest versions he sent us. He's re-worked the piece a number of times, and listening to the process has been absolutely fascinating.

We also say: Fairies visited the Cooney Household each time a child was born. That bloodline is creative gold. A fact. You have it here, straight from Mischief's Mouth.

And Finally, We Say: His song is featured in the second Goblin Fruit trailer which will be up momentarily!