Note from the Editors

Jess: I have nothing to say! Third anniversary. Thank you so much!


Jess: Right! We got 12! Well, our poets did.


Jess: No longer just a link!

Amal: You're planning on just using this dialogue for the editorial, aren't you!

Jess: Yes?

Amal says: Well, as if I was going to let her get away with that.

Jess says: You sort of kind of di--

Amal says: AHEM. Happy SPRING, everyone! May all your festivals be bright, your family gatherings beautiful. This issue comes on the heels of lengthening dawns and sweetening air. In Cornwall, things don't seem to ever stop blooming, but you still can't miss the spring; every day I'm absorbing a new geography of petal and stem.

Jess says: It is, of course, our third anniversary. We are joyful about this. So joyful that we have a cornucopia of deliciousness to spill before you. In addition to the issue's poems, we have a Feature! A trailer! A stick-figure comic! Twirl the Mischief 'round and and 'round and share it with your friends!

Amal says: We have so many people to thank for the brilliant madness of this issue. Dmitri Zagidulin, our indefatigable web-Beast, who makes it so that Ollie's gorgeous art fits sensibly into your screen; Magill Foote, film-master extraordinaire, who's gifted us with not one, but two promotional trailers (the second being forthcoming); Jeremy Cooney, whose sibling-collaboration with C.S.E. Cooney on "Goblin Girls" produced a song that gets tangled up in our thoughts several times a day; Bek Huston, whose art graces that collaboration; and, as ever, as always, our wonderful contributors, without whom Jess and I would be wild-eyed starvelings scrabbling about in the barren hinterlands of the intarwebs for the poemic fruit so necessary to our beings.

In this issue, you will find the sea. You will find pomegranates and lost girls. You will find sing-songs and laments. You will find much to ease the heart and stir the soul to trouble. Hold hard to your desk, your chair, grip closely your loved ones, and enjoy the ride.